About the Show

Created by Little Airplane’s Josh Selig with Tone Thyne, THE ADVENTURES OF NAPKIN MAN is a preschool series about a new kind of superhero, one who helps children better understand and manage their feelings.

Produced by Breakthrough Entertainment and airing on CBC Kids, THE ADVENTURES OF NAPKIN MAN combines animation and live action to help preschoolers address everyday challenges and concerns through nurturing main characters, age appropriate comedy and catchy original music.

Animation services on the series (26 x 11 minutes) were rendered by Canadian studio LITTLE TUGBOAT INC.

Yannick Bisson stars as Mr Anthony, a fun-loving teacher who, helps a student who is having a problem. 
Mr. Anthony pulls out his special pen and draws NAPKIN MAN, an animated superhero who leaps off the napkin and magically comes to life. As Mr. Anthony and the child look on, NAPKIN MAN (voiced by Bisson) and his animated friends play out a story that sheds light on the emotional issue at hand. This exciting series takes children on fun-filled adventures where they can make important discoveries along the way.